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About Us

Introduction to Asia Global Travel website

       First and foremost, Asia Global Travel would like to wish a good day to you, Valued Customers, and welcome you to our website.

       With a service history spanning multiple years, Asia Global Travel is well specialized in organizing package tours for individuals, groups, businesses, families, etc. Besides, we also offer several separate services, namely hotel and resort booking both domestically and overseas, purchasing tickets for domestic and international flights, obtaining visitor’s tickets at tourist attractions, airport pickups, vehicle rental for tourists, obtaining Vietnamese and foreign visas; providing tour guides, interpreters, PGs, security staffing for events, etc. to satisfy your multitude of demands.

       1. The foundation of Asia Global Travel

       Tourism has become incredibly fascinating to a major part of our society. As life grows more modern and developed, we as human increasingly yearn to travel and explore, to reach out or to even look into every nook and cranny of the world.

       Alongside our participation in the WTO and the process of globalization, Asia Global Travel and its brand have been founded in order to respond to the massive increase in demands in the tourism industry.

       Ever since the start, Asia Global Travel has always prioritized building a professional and modern organization as an unwavering foundation of our business. Our most valuable asset is a staff filled with youthful, dynamic and enthusiastic workers, under the leadership of a talented and committed management team. We at Asia Global Travel always work under the principle of unity and devotion; we reflect and learn at each and every step of our operation, perfect ourselves and aim to develop both our organization and the tourism industry.

       After years of service, your trust and support have become the greatest achievement of Asia Global Travel.

       2. Our vision and mission

      To handle an aggressively competitive tourism market, we need to determine the vision and mission necessary throughout our operation.


      Asia Global Travel’s strategy for growth is to become “A companion on all passages”. We dedicate ourselves in offering “authentic value” that you Valued Customers can experience firsthand in each and every trip.


       To our customers and partners: Asia Global Travel seeks to uphold our prestige in the completion of any and all commitments that are promised before, during and after every service we provide.

       To the society: Asia Global Travel endeavors to establish a modern and civilized corporate culture. We operate not only on the basis of profit but also to deliver long-lasting merits to our community and society.

       3. Fields of operation

      Equipped with a team of standardized, specifically trained and experienced employees, Asia Global Travel provide services in all fields of travel and tourism.

       3.1. Travel and tourism

       Asia Global Travel operates on a large area, being able to organize a variety of tourism activities such as:

       + Domestic tours

       + Outbound tours

       + Inbound tours of popular languages (markets of English, Mandarin/Cantonese, French, Thai speaking…)

       3.2. Basic service

       To meet the market’s demands, we are specialized in:

       + Organizing domestic and international package tours for FIT and GIT.

       + Booking hotels, resorts within and outside Vietnam at highly reasonable price.

       + Fast proceedings of Vietnamese and foreign visas.

       + Nation-wide tourism vehicle rental with the most competitive pricing and English-speaking drivers (provided on requests)

       + Airplane tickets for domestic and international flights.

       + Multilingual tour guides and interpreters for your ease of transport and tourism needs.

       3.3.Event organization

       Asia Global Travel offers professional solutions for event management and organization during your trip, such as:

       + Organizing built-in conference, team building, gala dinner, exhibition, etc. for tours and trips.

       + Providing event-essential personnel such as hosts, reception, dance crew, VIP escort, etc.

       + Specialized tours for foreign students visiting Vietnam for exchange and charity activities.

       4. Our achievement

       Having been in operation for several years, Asia Global Travel has witnessed positive receptions of our services after every trip. However, to avoid falling in a false sense of security brought by previous successes, the whole of our staff and management always determine to continue working with unparalleled enthusiasm and dedication to our trade. We pride ourselves in such great achievements as:

      + Excellent brand – Best products and services for consumers in 2018

      + Top 10 Thương hiệu – nhãn hiệu nổi tiếng Châu Á Thái Bình Dương

       We endlessly strive to bring the perfect experience to our Valued Customers. There is no doubt that Asia Global Travel will achieve even further in its field in the coming years.

       5. Commitment to our customers

       Customer service is our top priority in helping the Asia Global Travel name winning the heart of our Valued Customers. We are dedicated to every individual, caring to every household, and the most trusted companionship to other companies, groups and organizations we have the honor to be a partner of.

       From simple sightseeing and visiting tours or leisure travel, to ecotourism and scouting trip and conference vacations, Asia Global Travel always strives to realize your travelling needs with utmost care and considerations, to ensure that we meet the demand of various groups of tourists. We place our commitment in bringing high quality yet reasonably priced services paired with thorough care, alongside optimal solutions to travelers, both inside and outside Vietnam.

       Asia Global Travel sincerely thank you Valued Customers, who have always been in favor of us and our accompany through the years. We would like to wish you great health and fortune.

       For further details and discussions of our tourism services and solutions, you are welcome to reach us at:



165/61 Nguyen Thai Binh Street, Nguyen T. Binh Ward, Dist 1, HCMC, Vietnam

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